We at Scamps are passionate about two things:

Providing an up-to-date, easy to navigate portal for all parents and youths so that they can search, filter and find the appropriate camp in Ireland.

Providing a listing and promotional service for all camps in Ireland. No matter how big or small, local or national, we at Scamps want to assist in spreading the word for your camp and ensuring that it is easily found by users.

Scamps is a portal devoted to assisting with the development of the youth of Ireland. Our mission is to help parents and young people easily access the range of camps available across Ireland based on set criteria.

The promoters of Scamps have previously organised and successfully ran their own camps and so have a vested interest in this sector and the many benefits it can have on the young people in this country.

If you run your own camp or know someone who does, please direct them to this site and click the “Add Listing” button. Follow the instructions here and we will have your camp listed in a matter of hours!

Through our Blog section we hope to be a source of inspiration for parents/youths/camp workers etc. by posting regular blogs on topical issues relating to the development of young people and the importance of camps.

We hope you enjoy using Scamps.ie and that it becomes the one-stop shop for camps in Ireland.

“We cannot always build a future for our youth, but we can always build our youth for the future”.
– Franklin D. Roosevelt

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